Process Oriented Analysis

Process Oriented Analysis

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In modern manufacturing, it is not simply the equipment that is increasingly complex but rather the entire business system in which a company operates. Convoluted supply chains, complicated resource flows, advanced information systems: all must be taken into account when designing or reengineering a manufacturing system. Introducing a powerful yet easy-to-follow method, Process Oriented Analysis: Design and Optimization of Industrial Production Systems offers clear and practical guidance on applying this proven analytical technique to any type of manufacturing operation. Linking abstract theoretical concepts to real-world implementation, this book outlines the principles of Process Oriented Analysis (POA) and demonstrates the application of these concepts using actual case studies. The authors first present the diagrams and analytical tools used in POA to represent both the static structure and dynamic behavior of the system. They then demonstrate how to build a simulation model by translating the diagram components into usable source code. Software for generating these types of diagrams is available for download from the Internet, along with a thorough tutorial that includes questions and interactive case studies. Taking a consistent approach that anyone in the organization can use and understand, Process Oriented Analysis is the perfect resource for planning, designing, debugging, and optimizing modern production systems.Diagram D2-10 shows the State Chart of the process a€œOperate gas pump, a€ which has four states, from the view of the driver. ... 1.2.3 Tank with enough gas Gas nozzle back in holder at gas pump Close tank cap and pay gas Squeeze handle anbsp;...

Title:Process Oriented Analysis
Author:Urs B. Meyer, Simone E. Creux, Andrea K. Weber Marin
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-09-18


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