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Problems, the third-longest work in the Aristotelian corpus, contains thirty-eight books covering more than 900 problems about living things, meteorology, ethical and intellectual virtues, parts of the human body, and miscellaneous questions. Although Problems is an accretion of multiple authorship over several centuries, it offers a fascinating technical view of Peripatetic method and thought. Rhetoric to Alexander, which provides practical advice to orators, was likely composed during the period of AristotleE¹s tutorship of Alexander, perhaps by Anaximenes, another of AlexanderE¹s tutors. Both Problems and Rhetoric to Alexander replace the earlier Loeb edition by Hett and Rackham, with texts and translations incorporating the latest scholarship. -- Book jacket.Should all those that have a large opening and do not close be cauterized, so that a scab may form there? For in this way ... For after surgery, such wounds 39 See Hp. Medic. 12 and Anon. ... ea#39;1riKiwSvwa. Kaieiw SE ra 33 PROBLEMS I. 29 a€“34.

Author:Aristotle, Robert Mayhew
Publisher:Harvard University Press - 2011-10-01


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