Pro JavaScript RIA Techniques

Pro JavaScript RIA Techniques

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Pro JavaScript RIA Techniques: Best Practices, Performance, and Presentation shows you how you can build JavaScript RIAs (rich Internet applications) with compelling user interfaces and great performance. With the best practices and optimization techniques youa€™ll learn in this book, you can optimize performance without sacrificing a rich user interface. Using a combination of innovative ideas and intelligent use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and pluga€“ins, this book shows you how to make decisions based on best web standard development practices and reala€“world browser data. Through practical examples, youa€™ll see how to optimize both design and performance with an eye toward future enhancements and efficient maintenance. Starting with the essential principles and techniques of semantic markup, build efficient, responsive web applications based on web standard best practices and reala€“world experience. Apply practical techniques and see how to reuse examples of broadly relevant page components to improve the interface and performance of existing sites. Explore ways to push the boundaries of the possible with existing browser technology. What youa€™ll learn Best practices for building web applications using JavaScript and web standards Optimization techniques for high performance in browsers How to create richer user interfaces Advanced Ajax techniques How to optimize graphic performance by drawing in the browser with SVG Integrating accessibility into rich web applications Who this book is for This book is aimed at web developers and designers who need to improve the user experience of their sites by making their code more efficient and their sites more responsive, and incorporating more complexity all at the same time. It is for Internet professionals ready to go beyond Web 2.0 to a newer, more streamlined vision of rich user experiences. Table of Contents Building a Solid Foundation JavaScript for Rich Internet Applications Understanding the Web Browser Performance Tweaking Smoke and Mirrors: Perceived Responsiveness Beautiful Typography Multimedia Playback Form Controls Offline Storagea€”When the Lights Go Out Binary Ajax Drawing in the Browser Accessibility in Rich Internet ApplicationsGone are the days ofusing Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac OS X for writing client-side code for the Web. ... This IDE is built upon Eclipse, one of the more popular and well-established development environments for Java developers. ... Files can be synchronized between your computer and an FTP or SFTP server, and Aptana ensures that files arena#39;t overwritten when they shouldna#39;t be whenanbsp;...

Title:Pro JavaScript RIA Techniques
Author:Dennis Odell
Publisher:Apress - 2009-05-23


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