Prior Bad Acts

Prior Bad Acts

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New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag returns with a thriller that begins with a shocking crime scene youa€™ll never forget and follows two relentless detectives on a manhunt that ends in a chilling confrontation with the essence of human evil. It was a crime so brutal, it changed the lives of even the most hardened homicide cops. The Haas family murders left a scar on the community nothing can erase, but everyone agrees that convicting the killer, Karl Dahl, is a start. Only Judge Carey Moore seems to be standing in the way. Her ruling that Dahla€™s prior criminal record is inadmissible raises a public outcrya€”and puts the judge in grave danger. When an unknown assailant attacks Judge Moore in a parking garage, two of Minneapolisa€™s top cops are called upon to solve the crime and keep the judge from further harm. Detective Sam Kovac is as hard-boiled as they come, and his wisecracking partner, Nikki Liska, isna€™t far behind. Neither one wants to be on this case, but when Karl Dahl escapes from custody, everything changes, and a seemingly straightforward case cartwheels out of control. The stakes go even higher when the judge is kidnappeda€”snatched out of her own bed even as the police sit outside, watching her house. Now Kovac and Liska must navigate through a maze of suspects that includes the stepson of a murder victim, a husband with a secret life, and a rogue cop looking for revenge where the justice system failed. With no time to spare, the detectives are pulled down a strange dark trail of smoke and mirrors, where no one is who they seem and everyone is guilty of Prior Bad Acts.Some gift. Forty-three hundred dollars to Bloomingdalea#39;s. Four hundred ... with another woman. Setting that thought aside, she copied the credit card statements, then looked through the canceled checks. ... She knew David did a lot of their banking via the computer, but she didna#39;t know how to access the account. A car dooranbsp;...

Title:Prior Bad Acts
Author:Tami Hoag
Publisher:Bantam - 2006-03-21


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