Principles of Atmospheric Science

Principles of Atmospheric Science

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The state of the atmosphere influences the activities of modern society and the quality of life, which is evident in agricultural productivity, the health impact of exposure to gases, particles, and sunlight, and property damage associated with sever weather events. Principles of Atmospheric Science provides a comprehensive introduction to atmospheric science for undergraduate students in the physical sciences, as well as those seeking to understand how physics and chemistry manifest themselves in the atmospheric environment. The text presents atmospheric science as an application of fundamental scientific principles meshed with observation. The author identifies the fundamental concepts and principles related to atmospheric science, presenting students with a... an increasing fraction of the molecules in 1 g of water have the energy needed to escape into the vapor phase of their own accord, irrespective of any external heating. ... These exchanges of energy all trace their origin to attractive electrical forces that exist between water molecules. ... Consider a volume V of air that contains water Vapor L m Ice Liquid FIGURE 3.4 Energy level diagram. Latent Heats 91.

Title:Principles of Atmospheric Science
Author:John E. Frederick
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2011-11-01


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