Prima's Authorized GameShark Pocket Power Guide

Prima's Authorized GameShark Pocket Power Guide

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The 9th installment of the hugely successful GAMESHARK POCKET POWER GUIDE series continues to provide gamers with the ability to take their gameplay to new levels of fun and excitement. This compendium provides access to even more hidden characters, weapons, and vehicles for the hottest releases for NINTENDO 64, PLAYSTATION, PLAYSTATION 2, DREAMCAST AND GAME BOY! Nintendo 64 Banjo-Tooie Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Conker's Bad Fur Day The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Game Boy Link's Awakening NBA Hoopz Magi-Nation Power Puff Girls: Battle Him Dreamcast Evil Dead: Hail to the King SNO Cross Championship Power Stone 2 Star Lancer Playstation Breath of Fire IV Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Digimon World 2 Rugrats: Totally Angelica Playstation 2 Onimusha Tekken Tag Tournament Summoner Zone of the EndersJaguar XKR 3003CBFF0007 All Heats - Ford Mustang Cobra 3003CBFE0007 All Heats . Audi TT ... lnfinite Shield on Pickup - Both Players 80041 E562400 WWF ATTITUOE 0% in Move List 800626FC0000 Enable Everything 800CB33809FF.

Title:Prima's Authorized GameShark Pocket Power Guide
Publisher: - 2001


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