Primary Math Problems Workbook Book 3

Primary Math Problems Workbook Book 3

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Develop standardsbased problem solving strategies a skills. Each comprehensive teacher resource contains over 90 task cards, each focused on one problem. The task cards can be used by a whole class, in small groups or individually. The associated activity for each is designed to challenge students to use their acquired problemsolving skills. Detailed teachers' notes provide information on distinct problemsolving strategies, to include: think, estimate a check; draw a diagram or picture; look for patterns; make a model; act out a problem; construct a table or a graph; write a statement; make a list; calculate; and reflect a assess results. The perfect supplement to any math class!Challenge: a) A pair of scissors is ______ than a ruler. b) A stapler is ______ than a calculator. approximately c) A ... Find and name three objects in the classroom that weigh ... If it takes him four weeks to lose this weight (losing the same amount of weight each week), how much does he lose each week? ... Average = ______ yourself and four other classmates and calculate the groupa#39;s total weight.

Title:Primary Math Problems Workbook Book 3
Publisher:NewPath Learning - 2007-01-01


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