Preparing International Proposals

Preparing International Proposals

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The modern engineer has two key tasks: successfully completing projects and working to win the next one. In the past, a proposal may have been little more than a brief letter, accompanied by one or two CVs. Now, to tempt prospective clients, engineers have to submit a comprehensive document consisting of one hundred pages or more of text and calculations and offer an interesting package of skills at a competitive price. All UK and international proposals involve writing technical and financial proposals. The proper preparation and good presentation of a proposal will save money and greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome. This book is a practical step-by-step guide which will help practising engineers prepare and write successful proposals. In one handy guide it: describes the problems and best approach for preparing proposals, focusing on technical and financial proposals, technical staff CV's and project references outlines the preparation of a proposal, the best route map for getting there, and possible short cuts explains the importance of intermediate sheets to help you get invited to write a proposal resubmitting letters of interest and pre-qualification documents describes technical proposals, how to get ideas, what the documents should contain, and what you should and should not say highlights the unexpected problems with document submission illustrates the value of follow-up, regardless of the outcome of the proposal decision describes financial proposals - what should not be included, and how to simplify and standardise calculations defines technical references - project and staff descriptions, summary, short and long forms of each - and compares the expectations of a range of International Funding Institutions contains numerous checklists including a summary of the key factors to remember and potential pitfalls to watch out for when preparing and writing proposals.FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) (1980). FIDIC guidelines and terms of reference for the preparation of project cost estimates. FIDIC (1991). Selection by ability a€” guidelines on quality-based selection of consultinganbsp;...

Title:Preparing International Proposals
Author:Robert E. Bartlett
Publisher:Thomas Telford - 1997-01-01


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