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From New York Times-bestselling author Philip Kerr comes an amazing departure: an intense psychological thriller, sure to garner even more acclaim for this powerhouse author on the rise. Gil Martins, an agent with the FBIa€™s Domestic Terrorism Unit in Houston, confronts the violence generated by extremism within our nationa€™s borders every day. He sees hatred and destruction wrought by every kind of a€œisma€ there is, and the zealots who kill in their names. Until now, he has always been a part of the solutiona€”however imperfecta€”a part of justice. But when Gil discovers he played a key role in wrongly condemning an innocent man to death row, it shakes his faitha€”in the system, in himself, and in Goda€”deeply. It even estranges him from his wife and son. Desperate, Gil offers up a prayer. To know God is there, not through a sign or physical demonstration but through the strength to cope with his ever-growing, ever-creeping doubts. His problems become more than personal as things heat up in Houston. A serial killer terrorizing the morally righteous turns out to have religious motivations, upping the case from homicide to domestic terrorism. A number of prominent secular icons die or are grievously injured abruptly and under suspicious circumstances, the latest of which is a New Atheist writer whoa€™s fallen into an inexplicable coma. Left and right, it seems Gil cana€™t escape the power of God and murder. As Gil investigates both cases, he realizes that there may be a connectiona€”answering his prayers in a most terrifying way.Besides, if it really was urgent, hea#39;d have called me on my cell phone or on my office BlackBerry.a€ I frowned. a€œWait a minute.a€ I took out the BlackBerry. a€œI was out of range until you called me, Helen. Since then Ia#39;ve had it switched off because weanbsp;...

Author:Philip Kerr
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-05-06


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