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Power theft causes a substantial loss of revenue to power utilities. Despite their efforts to crack down on power thieves and use of improved detection technology, power utilities have not been fully able to contain the unscrupulous ways used to steal power. This book, now in its Second Edition, discusses some of the startling methods used to commit power theft, and describes ways to identify, control and combat such power pilferage problems. The book provides a graphic description of the modus operandi of the power thieves and uncovers their ingenuity and imagination in pilfering electricity. To fight this menace of electricity theft, the book presents a vivid account of technical solutions that can go a long way in nipping the problem in the bud. The most striking feature of the book is that it uses suitable photographs to analyse the problems from several angles. In this edition, a new chapter containing major judgements of the Supreme Court as well as High Courts relating to power theft, and a new section on smart grid are included. The book will be of principal interest to professionals engaged in electricity boards, power utilities, power training institutes, and energy auditors and the law enforcement authorities. It will also be of practical interest to the students of Electrical Engineering to understand the metering technology, measuring principles and, above all, the methods used to analyse the causes of power theft.Earlier, electronic components were inserted to the holes of the PCB using pins. ... SMDs are not suitable for educational or hobby circuits made on bread board or strip board and are designed for soldering by device on to specially designed anbsp;...

Publisher:PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. - 2011-11-05


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