Power Reading

Power Reading

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The problem of qhow to read more and better in less timeq is fast defeating workers in all kinds of businesses. Our in-boxes are constantly piled high with letters, memos, reports, books, newspapers, printouts, and more - all to be read and absorbed - from more and more sources than ever before. Some contain important information vital to staying on top of the job. But how do you find the time to go through everything - without missing key points? Power Reading's research-based system gives you the power to keep on top of the flow of information you're bombarded with every day. It shows you how to cut through the stacks in a matter of minutes...and zero in on what's important without wasting time on the rest. And its easy-to-learn techniques ensure that you understand and retain key data. This unique system shows you how to design your own personal qin-basketq strategy, integrating a variety of power reading skills. Designed specifically for business people, the system can also be applied to reading on-line. As an added bonus, Power Reading helps you expand your vocabulary...study faster and more effectively... and think, write and listen better. So, instead of being backlogged by a mountain of unread materials, you will have the time and information needed to be more creative and successful.Power Reading is a research-based system that combines a unique set of mental skills to help you read faster and smarter.

Title:Power Reading
Author:Phyllis Mindell
Publisher:Prentice Hall Direct - 1993-01-01


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