Powder Coating

Powder Coating

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Most metals, including steel, cast iron, and aluminum can be powder coated. With powder coating, these parts look brilliant and don't rust, corrode, or deteriorate. Powder coating is an attractive, tough, and resilient finish that is used to protect and preserve metals. Experienced powder-coating specialist and seasoned author Jeff Zurschmeide explains the process, principles, and options, so you can powder coat all your favorite parts and components. More durable than paint, many car owners choose to powder coat frame, suspension, and other parts to withstand extreme conditions and the elements. Zurschmeide profiles all the equipment, supplies, and popular kits required for powder coating parts. He explains how to set up and ventilate your workshop for powder coating. He then shows you how to properly clean the part (which includes chemical strippers, wire brushes, media blasting, and sanding media) spray with a media gun, and then cure with heat. He compares and contrasts several popular kits and explains how they function and perform. A wide range of powders and powder-coating chemicals are available, and he explains the attributes of each, and what to expect for results. Powder coating at home is safe, affordable, and easy to do with the right information. Moreover, powder coating has a number of applications, including automotive, motorsports, household, and more. While powder coating has had limited coverage in several other books, this book is dedicated to the process and this is the authoritative guide that covers equipment, products, and the process from beginning to end.A How-To Guide for Automotive, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Parts Jeff Zurschmeide ... A few centsa#39; worth of dishwasher detergent This Miata cam cover is a typical automotive part. It was never coated or painted at the factory, ... So therea#39;s some oil and dust, but nothing too major to clean off. Project Details ... You can use any dishwasher detergent you like; Ia#39;ve heard rumors that some phosphate-free detergents discolor ... For this project, I used an aluminum cam cover from a Mazda Miata.

Title:Powder Coating
Author:Jeff Zurschmeide
Publisher:CarTech Inc - 2015-02-16


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