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ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (1958): a€œ ... One of the most important factors in selecting or evaluating any sports car is a knowledge of its history and development. More than perhaps any other car, the Porsche is the creation of one man a€” Ferdinand Porsche. Here is the fascinating story of his life-long dedication to producing the finest sports machine that design and engineering could engender. But, of course, the Guide is so much more than a history. The various models are fully discussed, and there are detailed chapters on tuning and on accessories that give added performancea€”such items as volumetric efficiency, valve lash, the HL (high-performance engine), supercharging, improving the spark, camshafts, wire wheels, brake and clutch facings ...a€This chapteris compiled for thosewho may not havea selectionof factory manuals handy. The material givesyoua chance tomatchone Porsche againstthe other, orto settle arguments on specification details. Whereverpossible, figures arelistedanbsp;...

Title:PORSCHE - Guide
Publisher:Edizioni Savine - 2014-06-20


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