Polyurethane and Related Foams

Polyurethane and Related Foams

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Polyurethane and Related Foams: Chemistry and Technology is an in-depth examination of the current preparation, processing, and applications of polyurethanes (PURs) and other polymer foams. Drawing attention to novel raw materials, alternative blowing agents, and new processing methods, the book accentuates recent innovations that meet increasingly stringent environmental and fire safety regulations as well as higher quality products. Written by Dr. Kaneyoshi Ashida, a renowned pioneer of polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams, the book details the fundamental chemistry and material properties for each category of foams. The author presents mechanisms for chemical modification and foaming reactions, emphasizing the relationship between molecular design and enhanced physical properties. The latter half of the book focuses on polyurethane foams, the largest segment of the polyisocyanate-based foam industry. It contains a fully updated description of the chemistry, raw materials, manufacturing, formulations, analyses, and testing involved in producing a wide variety of progressive applications, including building materials. This book chronicles the scientific and technological evolution of preparation and processing methods for polyisocyanate-based foams. Polyurethane and Related Foams: Chemistry and Technology offers a clear and concise guide to the technologies, methods, and best practices that help the foam industry meet higher quality, health, and environmental standards.Almovist, K.A., in Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Polyurethane Technical/ Marketing Conference, September ... Toyota, Y., Hasegawa, N., et al., in Proceedings of the Polyurethane World Congress 1997, September 20a€“October 1, 1997, ... Specialty Composites Corp., Technical Bulletin: Confor Foam, Norwalk, DE, 1986.

Title:Polyurethane and Related Foams
Author:Kaneyoshi Ashida
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-09-22


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