Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice

Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice

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This Laboratory Manual contains detailed descriptions for the synthesis and characterization of macromolecules. Around 110 elaborated examples, consisting of descriptions of experiments, as well as sufficient theoretical explanations enable the reader to learn about the syntheses, modification, characterization and properties of polymers including recent developments. All experiments can be conducted with adequate laboratory equipment. Suitable for students in organic and polymer chemistry as well as for chemists in industry who want to acquaint themselves with the theoretical and practical aspects of macromolecular chemistry. This edition contains numerous changes in this edition: enlarged chapter 1 and 2; 15 older examples have been replaced by new ones and background text has been added.The small sample is quickly washed free of acid and dried as much as possible by pressing between two filter papers. Some fibers of the still ... Example 5-6 Preparation of Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose Safety precautions: Before this experiment is carried out, Sect. 2.2.5. must be read as ... Filter paper, soaked in water, anbsp;...

Title:Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice
Author:Dietrich Braun
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2005


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