Polar Exploration

Polar Exploration

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Take a voyage of discovery into the AiHeroic AgeAi of polar exploration. During the last quarter of the nineteenth century and the first two decades of the twentieth, explorers from around the world navigated the Northwest Passage and the Northeast Passage, attained the North and South Poles, crossed the Arctic Basin and first flew airships andairplanes in the Arctic and Antarctic, conquering one of natureAis last, closely guarded bastions. Through facsimile items, Polar Exploration narrates the famous stories of Earnest Shackleton, Douglas M awson and Captain Oates and those less well-known, such as poisonings, mysterious disappearances, false claims, near misses controversies, accusations of cannibalism and the first Antarctic wintering (which drove men to madness).POlAR 1922-1935 the Age of Flight 56 The 1 920s saw the beginning of a new era in polar exploration - one marked by new technology, and particularly by the ... With a Fokker tri-motor named Josephine Ford, Byrd was planning on flying to the Pole. ... Byrd was subsequently placed in command of the United States Antarctic Service Expedition ( 1 939- 1 94 1 ). which was his third Antarctic command.

Title:Polar Exploration
Author:Beau Riffenburgh
Publisher: - 2009


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