Plunking Reggie Jackson

Plunking Reggie Jackson

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His brother dead, a baseball star struggles to fill his footsteps Coley Burkea€™s brother, Patrick, taught him how to throw a baseball, how to get girls, and how to keep their overbearing father off his back. Everything came easily to Patrick, whose natural talent on the baseball diamond had him set up for a career in the major leaguesa€”right until the drunk-driving accident that ended his life. With Patrick gone, Coley is lost. His grades are slipping, and if he doesna€™t get them back up, he wona€™t be allowed to play baseball this season. No baseball means no scholarship, and no scholarship means he will never play in the majors. For Coleya€™s father, that kind of failure is unacceptable. As the pressure overwhelms him, Coley looks for a way out. With his girlfriend, Bree, by his side, he runs away from home. Coley has the potential to be a great ballplayera€”but first hea€™ll have to learn who he is off the diamond.a€œThis is a manual of ankle exercises you can do at home. Follow the directions ... Coley took the printed manual andfolded itover so itcould fit inhis pocket. Bree tookitfrom ... a€œWhat about the stationary bike and stuff in the water?a€ Chapter Ten . ..

Title:Plunking Reggie Jackson
Author:James W. Bennett
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-04-07


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