Pleasurable Weight Loss

Pleasurable Weight Loss

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a€œThe key to losing weight is not about enjoying less, a€ teaches Jena la Flamme, a€œita€™s about enjoying more.a€ This revolutionary insight has allowed thousands of Jenaa€™s students to lose weight without boring food plans, arduous rules, or punishing exercise. Why does it work? Because pleasure is the secret to switching off the stress triggers that are the real culprit behind emotional eating and weight gain. WithPleasurable Weight Loss, Jena invites you to discover to a graceful, feminine way for attaining the body of your dreams, featuring: a€c Taking the a€œguiltya€ out of pleasurea€”why pleasure is a trustworthy and intelligent guiding force in your life a€c Accessing your bodya€™s wisdoma€”embracing your a€œanimal naturea€ and turning your instincts and cravings into allies a€c Discovering your a€œideal ecologya€a€”creating the right conditions for weight loss with your food choices, thoughts, and lifestyle a€c Making it safe to be sexya€”untangling the social and psychological issues of body image so you can feel good while looking your best a€c Exercise, cooking, and savoring lifea€”everyday tips and no-stress practices for liberating your natural radiance How you feel about your body and how you relate with pleasure matters more than what you eat when it comes to successful, sustainable weight loss. With Pleasurable Weight Loss, Jena la Flamme brings you a comprehensive, life-changing approach that starts with your minda€”helping you relax, build self-esteem, and develop a sense of joy and trust in your body. Filled with inspiration, recipes, and practical guidance for women of all ages and body types, here is a powerful guide for transforming your relationship with food and exercisea€”a natural, enjoyable, and lasting path for looking and feeling your best.The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today Jena la Flamme ... And best of all, shefeels absolutely fabulous in her skina€”fully relaxedyet ready to take on anychallenge, including weight loss. Over the pasttwelve years, Ia#39;ve found that the ... I was a healthy girl, attending primary school in Australia and experiencing the first signs of becominga woman. But my view ofwhat aanbsp;...

Title:Pleasurable Weight Loss
Author:Jena la Flamme
Publisher:Sounds True - 2015-01-01


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