Playing with Stencils

Playing with Stencils

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DIV With 20 clever step-by-step projects and a stunning gallery of inspirational stencil designs from leading artists, Playing With Stencils will leave you ready to stencil just about anything. You will design floor tiles stencils inspired by German paper-cutting, you will stencil furniture, shower curtains, a floor cloth, planters, a wall canvas, wallpaper, and even a cake. You will make paper dolls with clothing, stencil beautiful a€œlacea€ stationery, stencil custom yardage to use for simple upholstery projects or pillows, make a concert poster, and even stencil a faux rag rug! Stencil art has been around for years, often used for home decorating and for simple crafts, but has gained current interest and cache due it's guerilla use as street art (often making a political statement), and has become a worldwide subculture. Stencil graffiti has given stencil art a new sheen of coolness. This book will show you how to incorporate that look into your work, your accessories, and your home. Youa€™ll become inspired to use stencils in your journaling, in collage, on fabric, on totes, and in art pieces designed to be hung on wallsa€”and you will know how to create fantastic custom designs./divINSTRUCTIONS I] Create the Stencil Use the instructions on page 20 to prepare and cut the stencil. Prepare the Surface and Spray the Pattern Cut a square piece of vinyl wallpaper large enough for the finished rag rug. Remember, theanbsp;...

Title:Playing with Stencils
Author:Amy Rice
Publisher:Quarry - 2013-05-01


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