Playing the Farmer

Playing the Farmer

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Playing the Farmer reinvigorates our understanding of Vergila€™s Georgics, a vibrant work written by Romea€™s premier epic poet shortly before he began the Aeneid. Setting the Georgics in the social context of its day, Philip Thibodeau for the first time connects the poema€™s idyllic, and idealized, portrait of rustic life and agriculture with changing attitudes toward the countryside in late Republican and early Imperial Rome. He argues that what has been seen as a straightforward poem about agriculture is in fact an enchanting work of fantasy that elevated, and sometimes whitewashed, the realities of country life. Drawing from a wide range of sources, Thibodeau shows how Vergila€™s poem reshaped agrarian ideals in its own time, and how it influenced Roman poets, philosophers, agronomists, and orators. Playing the Farmer brings a fresh perspective to a work that was praised by Dryden as qthe best poem by the best poet.qRepresentations of Rural Life in Vergila#39;s Georgics Philip Thibodeau ... the Stoic philosopher L. Annaeus Cornutus evidently commented on all three of Vergila#39;s works, and notes of some sort on the ... question why Vergil chose this particular term to refer to spring water is addressed in Macrobius with a series of answers of anbsp;...

Title:Playing the Farmer
Author:Philip Thibodeau
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2011-07-05


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