Play Winning Poker in No Time

Play Winning Poker in No Time

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Poker is hotter than ever and it's a good bet these days that if you're flipping through the TV channels, you'll see a poker game being played, by amateurs, professional and even celebrities.If you're looking to try your hand at America's favorite card game then Play Winning Poker In No Time is the perfect beginner's guideto teach you all the fundamentals to confidently qante upq in a casual game with friends, at a live action casino table or even online at any one of the popular Internet poker sites.With Play Winning PokerIn No Time, you'll learn about: Texas Hold 'em Starting Hand Tactics Basic Seven Card Stud Strategy Common Poker Rules Internet Poker a Online Poker Sites Poker Tournaments Including the World Series of Poker Casino Poker Room Etiquette When to Bluff vs.When to Bet Spotting Poker qTellsq Poker Math Including How To Calculate Odds a Probabilities Betting Strategies to Maximize Pots The easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations won't bog you down in complex qwhat ifq scenarios or confusing jargon. You'll simply obtain the basic knowledge needed to successfully play poker and win money. A unique, tear-out qcheat sheetq card is chock full of valuable poker information including a visual guide topoker hand rankings or qwhat beats what, q a color-coded starting hand chart showing which 2-card Hold 'em starting hands to play, andan odds chart showing the percent chance of improving your Hold 'em hand as new cards are dealt. With Play Winning Poker In No Time, you will master the basics, win the game and take home the cash.In addition, the value of your first two cards is highly correlated to your probability of winning the hand. The following power chart graphically rates the value of every possible two-card starting hand in Texas Hold a#39;em, as determined by computer ... bet inside straight flush draw 2 Pair or Open-ended straight flush draw Three of a kind or straight flush 23to1 8% 23 times your call bet 3 1 High overcard (ace)anbsp;...

Title:Play Winning Poker in No Time
Author:Alison Pendergast
Publisher:Que Pub - 2005


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