Play from Birth to Twelve

Play from Birth to Twelve

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In light of recent standards-based and testing movements, the issue of play in child development has taken on increased meaning for educational professionals and social scientists. This third edition of Play From Birth to Twelve offers comprehensive coverage of what we now know about play and its guiding principles, dynamics, and importance in early learning. These up-to-date essays, written by some of the most distinguished experts in the field, help educators, psychologists, anthropologists, parents, health service personnel, and students explore a variety of theoretical and practical ideas, such as: all aspects of play, including historical and diverse perspectives as well as new approaches not yet covered in the literature how teachers in various classroom situations set up and guide play to facilitate learning how play is affected by societal violence, media reportage, technological innovations, and other contemporary issues play and imagination within the current scope of educational policies, childrearing methods, educational variations, cultural differences, and intellectual diversity New chapters in the third edition of Play From Birth to Twelve cover current and projected future developments in the field of play, such as executive function, neuroscience, autism, play in museums, qsmall worldq play, global issues, media, and technology. The book also suggests ways to support childrena€™s play across different environments at home, in communities, and within various institutional settings.For example, a third grade teacher reported that she often observes students at the onset of her math lesson stacking, building, and pretending with the curricular materials, followed by seeing them reigning in this play urge as she continues the math activity. ... The advance of their fine muscle development contributes to their ability to string beads, cut with scissors, paste, trace, draw, and color; they cananbsp;...

Title:Play from Birth to Twelve
Author:Doris Pronin Fromberg, Doris Bergen
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-03-02


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