Plants and People

Plants and People

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Part of the Jones a Bartlett Learning Special Topics in Biology Series! Plants play a role in the environment, in food, beverage, and drug production, as well as human health. Written for the introductory, non-science major course, Plants and People outlines the practical, economical, and environmental aspects of plants' interaction with humans and the earth. Mauseth provides comprehensive coverage of plants in the environment --global warming, deforestation, biogeography -- as well as the role plants play in food, fiber, and medicine.Begin with the sporophyte at the top of the diagram; its cells are diploid, just as ours are. ... The gametophytes have two types of gametangia: antheridia produce sperm cells and archegonia produce egg cells (for micrographs of actualanbsp;...

Title:Plants and People
Author:James D. Mauseth
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2012-02-15


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