Planetizen's Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning

Planetizen's Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning

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Planetizen's Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning is a fascinating review of major topics and issues discussed in the field of urban planning, assembled by editors at Planetizen, the leading source of news and information for the planning and development community on the web. The book brings together a wide range of editorial and discussion topics, coupled with commentary and overviews to create an enlightening record of the continuously evolving philosophy of building and managing cities. The book's contributors include the most well-known experts in the planning and design fields, among them James Howard Kunstler, Alex Garvin, Andres Duany, Joel Kotkin, and Wendell Cox. These and other prominent thinkers offer passionate debates and thought-provoking commentary on the most important and controversial topics in the field of urban planning and design: gentrification, eminent domain, the philosophical divide between the Smart Growth community, libertarians and New Urbanists, regional growth patterns, urban design trends, transportation systems, and reaction to disasters such as Katrina and 9/11 that changed the way we look at cities and security. Planetizen's Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning provides readers with a unique and accessible introduction to a broad array of ideas and perspectives. With the increasing awareness of the need for sound urban planning to ensure the economic, environmental, and social health of modern society, Planetizen's Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning gives professionals in the field and concerned citizens alike a deeper understanding of the critical, complex issues that continue to challenge urban planners, designers, and developers.Rather than continue to invest in expensive transit infrastructure projects that will serve only a small fraction of the population, some feel that ... More and more communities are contemplating installing high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanesa€” dubbed a€œLexus lanesa€ by their opponents ... The cost of land, construction, and maintenance can sometimes add up to tens of thousands of dollars per parking space.

Title:Planetizen's Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning
Author:Abhijeet Chavan
Publisher:Island Press - 2007-07-06


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