Plain Jane

Plain Jane

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The photograph used on the front cover is of Jane when she was fifteen. Jane's cousin became a custodian at the Macedonian school, which Jane attended as a young girl. The government decided to raise the old building and gave her cousin the job of cleaning it out first. He came across the photo and recognized it as his cousin, Jane. He brought it to Jane's family and Jane's older sister, Alima brought it to Germany, made a copy and mailed it to Jane. It is the only photo Jane has of herself as a child and she didn't know it existed until she became an adult.The house needed cleana€”up and repairs, but I could see it was a good house. ... I applied for and got a personal loan, took some of my savings and opened a Home Depot credit card, and in three weeks, I closed on house number two. I ordered a ... When the kids saw the house, they all loved it and showered me with hugs. ... Nadim and his cousin learned how to install tiles and repair sheetrock.

Title:Plain Jane
Author:Jane Coma
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-02


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