Pingfan Wangshi Collection

Pingfan Wangshi Collection

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sPingfan Wangshi Collection t - Volume II is author fs third book followed by his first popular novel sCost of Love t, and sPingfan Wangshi Collection t - Volume I. In this book, he selected a second part of outstanding works from his last six years f works. The first section of this collection - Volume II includes 7 short stories, and 5 micro-fictions. Some of short stories were originated from the things he experienced in his life time. In the second section of this collection, more than 210 brilliant prose and essays are gathered. As comparing to Volume I, the essays and prose in Volume II more focus on revealing the relationship that he has or had with his family and friends, and his personal feelings toward them. In these essays, he successfully delivers the traditional social concepts and humanistic philosophy in Chinese culture. The most attractive part in Volume II are the stories and narratives in the chapters gHome Sick Feeling h and gThings at Leisure Time h, where the author records the dramatic economic and historic culture changes occurred, under the influence of Western Culture, in last 15 years of China. From there, you will see his interesting point of views; yet, some of them are carried with a generation fs birth marker. In these stories, you will also be surprised by the openness of the government and Chinese people in the economic reformed China. As a very fine poet, his poetry work also shares a similar popularity among his readers. In this Volume II collection, about 101 out of his 300 poems are featured in the third section. The first half portion of poems is presented in modern poetry style. The second half portion of poems is written in Chinese ancient poetry style, which is strictly followed the ancient poetry rules. A number of modern love poems are incorporated with prose elements, which he wrote mostly for his friends and lovers. Author uses his powerful pen to record people and the changes around him, and he is very talent at turning an ordinary thing into the depth of discussion with further more philosophy behind it. His pen is known for capturing the reader fs heart, and driving reader fs emotion. His work is widely accepted by Overseas Chinese and people in his home country. As a reader, you will enjoy reading sPingfan Wangshi Collection t - Volume II as much as you read the Volume I and his other works.adpemacra‰‹cš„c”me„‘as, e™½a²iaœ‰a‡nac‡, a¹Ÿaœ‰a‡naƒa€‚a½†aaarŽa²iaƒ³ei‡cr™e‡oampa¹dada–dc”me„‘a€‚a„iasc”u cš„a˜ma–dcš„, e€ac†c”ucš„a˜ma–dcš„, adpeiž80 acša²cš„e€au˜c”ucš„a¹Ÿa˜ma–dcš„a€‚aœ‹a‹ema: a€œaˆ‘ei˜aca˜ma’Œa½n ac€anm, ašao†ei™a¹ˆacša¹ac”me„‘c”Ÿa„, aˆdcŽdaœuc”ucš„ei˜a˜mIBM THINKPAD T61a€‚a€ a€œa“ˆa“ˆ, aŒc—…c›ca€œ anbsp;...

Title:Pingfan Wangshi Collection
Author:Yan Lou
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-10-29


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