Pineapple Culture

Pineapple Culture

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Plucked from tropical America, the pineapple was brought to European tables and hothouses before it was conveyed back to the tropics, where it came to dominate U.S. and world markets. qPineapple Culture qis a dazzling history of the world's tropical and temperate zones told through the pineapple's illustrative career. Following Gary Y. Okihiro's enthusiastically received qIsland World: A History of Hawaii and the United States, Pineapple Culture qcontinues to upend conventional ideas about history, space, and time with its provocative vision. At the center of the story is the thoroughly modern tale of Dole's qHawaiianq pineapple, which, from its island periphery, infiltrated the white, middle-class homes of the continental United States. The transit of the pineapple brilliantly illuminates the history and geography of empires their creations and accumulations; the circuits of knowledge, capital, labor, goods, and the cultures that characterize them; and their assumed power to name, classify, and rule over alien lands, peoples, and resources.qDecember 3. Burton, Wilbur. ... In Before Sexuality: fl1e Construction of Erotic Experience in the Ancient Greek 1 1 orid, edited by David M. Halperin, John J. Winkler, and Froma I. Zeitlin, 1 34-69. Princeton, N.J.: anbsp;...

Title:Pineapple Culture
Author:Professor Gary Y Okihiro
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2009-05-03


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