Physical Setting

Physical Setting

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Prepares students for the new standards and the commencement level PS/Chemistry Test. Challenges with content-based, multiple choice, constructed response, and real-world thematic questions. Stimulates skills-based activities in reading, writing, and lab performance. Correlates PS/Chemistry key ideas and performance indicators on atomic concepts, periodic table, moles/stoichiometry, bonding, behavior of matter, kinetics, organic chemistry, oxidation-reduction, acids, bases and salts, nuclear chemistry. Fosters mastery with practice on three recent tests.Directions: Use Reference Table H: Vapor Pressure of Four Liquids to answer questions 8 through 10. 8 Question: Identify the sub- ... 1 ] Directions: Use the Change of Phase Diagram below to answer questions 11 through 14. Phases Changeanbsp;...

Title:Physical Setting
Author:Nicholas R. Romano, Philip K. Cameron
Publisher:STAReviews - 2002-01-01


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