Physarum Machines

Physarum Machines

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A Physarum machine is a programmable amorphous biological computer experimentally implemented in the vegetative state of true slime mould Physarum polycephalum. It comprises an amorphous yellowish mass with networks of protoplasmic veins, programmed by spatial configurations of attracting and repelling gradients. This book demonstrates how to create experimental Physarum machines for computational geometry and optimization, distributed manipulation and transportation, and general-purpose computation. Being very cheap to make and easy to maintain, the machine also functions on a wide range of substrates and in a broad scope of environmental conditions. As such a Physarum machine is a 'green' and environmentally friendly unconventional computer. The book is readily accessible to a nonprofessional reader, and is a priceless source of experimental tips and inventive theoretical ideas for anyone who is inspired by novel and emerging non-silicon computers and robots. An account on Physarum Machines can be viewed at http: // diagram is computed in seconds by a crystallization process in a hot ice computer [Adamatzky (2009)] (Fig. 4.1), in hours in chemical precipitating processors [Adamatzky et al. (2005)] and in years in lichen colonies (Figs. 4.2 and 4.3).

Title:Physarum Machines
Author:Andrew Adamatzky
Publisher:World Scientific - 2010


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