Photography Year Zero

Photography Year Zero

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Photography Year Zero is a retrospective look at a serious amateura€™s first year of photography and image production. It features full-page gallery images, play-by-play post-processing moves, Photoshop project breakdowns, camera settings, and shooting strategies. Balancing out the tech side, the gallery images launch discussions about workflow, the creative process, developing a personal style, the street photographer ethos, and the subjective nuances of modern digital photography as a gateway to artistic self-expression. Ranging from street photography to surrealist/abstract imagery, Photography Year Zero was designed to provide a rich viewing experience on high-resolution display equipped tablets. Swipe through page after page of scalable images, concise technical information, stories, analysis, and thought provoking quotes. Photography Year Zero is organized into 50 unique reflections, spread over nearly 300 pages, that can be enjoyed in any order by photography buffs at every level. HIGHLIGHTS: Stories and perspective. Photography Year Zero is the story of a novice photographer in search of a style. The author collected more than 17, 000 exposures over the course of his first year of serious photography. Contemplating the work, basic questions about its nature and meaning kicked off an ongoing investigation of the medium. Using Susan Sontaga€™s notorious On Photography essays as a springboard, he branched off and took notes while using his own images to illuminate some influential historical insights and ideas about photography and art. More than 120 gallery images. Scalable gallery images occupy their own text-free pages. The first gallery image in every reflection launches the topics; supplemental images provide additional exemplars. More than 150 incidental images. View unprocessed gallery image source exposures, Photoshop project layer renders, images that illustrate insightful quotes and concepts, and more. The majority of images presented throughout the book are accompanied by their associated camera settings. More than 30 screen shots. Lightroom user interface settings are depicted for select images. Photography Year Zero is a beginnera€™s year-long running commentary on all things photography a€“ gear, subjects, workflow, history, and philosophy. It will inspire the beginner and motivate the pro, and all readers will certainly identify with the dedicated photographera€™s path that runs cover-to-cover throughout its nearly 300 pages of images and text.In September 2013, I purchased a Sony RX100 pocket camera, a Sirui T-005 tripod, and a copy of Adobe Lightroom software, so that I could capture and ... By 2014 I had become a manual mode shooter with modest Sony and Nikon systems.

Title:Photography Year Zero
Author:Mike Scheibinger
Publisher:VertuArts - 2014-12-23


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