Photo Fakery

Photo Fakery

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From the earliest days of the art form, when multiple exposures provided 'evidence' of the spirit world, to computer-enhanced digital doctoring, photography has been fertile ground for fakery. This book examines the history of all types of photographic fakery. The author, formerly one of the CIA's senior photo interpreters, presents hundreds of photographs that were contrived or altered, often succeeding greatly in their fakery by playing a part in history. He explains clearly, for the non-photographer, how these deceptions were accomplished and how to spot them. He also explores the benefits and dangers of doctored photos and the many problems raised for the legal profession.See Tu-114 Cleopatra, 18 clichi-verre, 31 Clinton, Hillary Rodham, 75, 80 Clinton , President William, 76, 80, 91, 92, ... 8; National Press Photographers Association; 5, 12; Radio-Television News Directors Association, 12 Coleman, Harry, 44 collage, 20 Colliers, 52 Colombian Coffee, 58-59 Colors Magazine, 76 Columba, Saint, 102 Columbia School of Journalism, ... 79 Cordoba, 113 Corn, Jack, 5 Corolla, Serge, 151 corona-discharge photography, 161 Cottingley fairy photos, 45-46anbsp;...

Title:Photo Fakery
Author:Dino A. Brugioni
Publisher:Potomac Books Incorporated - 1999


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