Phishing Dark Waters

Phishing Dark Waters

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An essential anti-phishing desk reference for anyone with an email address Phishing Dark Waters addresses the growing and continuing scourge of phishing emails, and provides actionable defensive techniques and tools to help you steer clear of malicious emails. Phishing is analyzed from the viewpoint of human decision-making and the impact of deliberate influence and manipulation on the recipient. With expert guidance, this book provides insight into the financial, corporate espionage, nation state, and identity theft goals of the attackers, and teaches you how to spot a spoofed e-mail or cloned website. Included are detailed examples of high profile breaches at Target, RSA, Coca Cola, and the AP, as well as an examination of sample scams including the Nigerian 419, financial themes, and post high-profile event attacks. Learn how to protect yourself and your organization using anti-phishing tools, and how to create your own phish to use as part of a security awareness program. Phishing is a social engineering technique through email that deceives users into taking an action that is not in their best interest, but usually with the goal of disclosing information or installing malware on the victim's computer. Phishing Dark Waters explains the phishing process and techniques, and the defenses available to keep scammers at bay. Learn what a phish is, and the deceptive ways they've been used Understand decision-making, and the sneaky ways phishers reel you in Recognize different types of phish, and know what to do when you catch one Use phishing as part of your security awareness program for heightened protection Attempts to deal with the growing number of phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security, but phishing still exploits the natural way humans respond to certain situations. Phishing Dark Waters is an indispensible guide to recognizing and blocking the phish, keeping you, your organization, and your finances safe.There have been a number of additional high-profile breaches reported, including eBay, The Home Depot, Sony, Chick-fil-A, and JPMorgan Chase aamp; Co. ... surely come in the form of stolen credit cards or identities or further attempts to perpetrate theft or infiltration through phishing. ... In a recent study2 on manual account hijacking conducted by Google and the University of California, San Diego, it wasanbsp;...

Title:Phishing Dark Waters
Author:Christopher Hadnagy, Michele Fincher
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-03-18


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