Philosophy of Science and Occult, 1st Ed.

Philosophy of Science and Occult, 1st Ed.

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Philosophy of science is a paradigm of contemporary intellectual rigor. It offers a challenge of clarification, a promise of systematic understanding, and an invitation to innovative conceptual exploration. Such is its appeal. The occult traditions are steeped in antiquity. They reach us with an atmosphere of mystery, a whisper of wisdom, and a hint of beckoning unknown. Such is their appeal. This is an attempted to bring the two together.Discovery. or. Psychology. of. Research? THOMAS. S. KUHN. Among the most fundamental issues on which Sir Karl and I agree is our insistence that an analysis of the development of scientific knowledge must take account of the way science has actually been practiced. ... writes Sir Karl, aquot;whether theorist or experimenter, puts forward statements, or systems of statements, and tests them step by step.

Title:Philosophy of Science and Occult, 1st Ed.
Author:Patrick Grim
Publisher:SUNY Press - 1982


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