Philosophical Feminism and Popular Culture

Philosophical Feminism and Popular Culture

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The eight essays contained in Philosophical Feminism and Popular Culture explore the portrayal of women and various philosophical responses to that portrayal in contemporary post-civil rights society. The essays examine visual, print, and performance mediaa€”stand-up comedy, movies, television, and a blockbuster trilogy of novel. These philosophical feminist analyses of popular culture consider the possibilities, both positive and negative, that popular culture presents for articulating the structure of the social and cultural practices in which gender matters, and for changing these practices if and when they follow from, lead to, or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of gender. The essays bring feminist voices to the conversation about gender and attests to the importance of feminist critique in what is sometimes claimed to be a post-feminist era.Schultza#39;s essay centers on one of the other themes of the volumea€”the idea that women have choices that were not available to them in another era, ... The rhetoric of choice, while appealing in so many ways, raises some troubling questions for feminism. ... the way options are framed by the culture, including the changes that have and have not taken place in popular culturea#39;s portrayals of gender roles.

Title:Philosophical Feminism and Popular Culture
Author:Sharon Crasnow, Joanne Waugh
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2012-12-06


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