Persuasion and Social Movements

Persuasion and Social Movements

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Conflict over moral, religious, social, political, and economic values fuel social movements. People form organized collectivities to promote or to oppose changes in societal norms and values. The steady growth in globalization and access to information have increased the perception of threats to identity, values, and culture. Persuasion and Social Movements provides a solid foundation for understanding how people collectively shape society. The latest edition marks three decades of synthesizing, applying, and extending research and theories about the persuasive efforts of social movements. Historic and current examples illustrate the many facets of social movement persuasion: Persuasion is inherently practical; we can study it most profitably by examining the functions of persuasive acts. Even apparently irrational acts make sense to the actoreffective analysis discovers the reasoning behind the acts. People create and comprehend their world through symbols, and it is people who create, use, ignore, or act on these symbolic creations. Although they remain important in social movement persuasion, speeches are now one of many resources for organizing and carrying out a variety of protests. New technologies have transformed how social movements come into existence, constitute organizations, establish coalitions, pressure institutions, and communicate with a wide variety of audiences. Social movements sometimes sell conspiracy theories to skeptical audiences, justify inherently divisive tactics, and use violence as a rhetorical strategy. Institutions and countermovements have a variety of strategies for resistance.Sixth Edition Charles J. Stewart, Craig Allen Smith, Robert E. Denton, Jr. ... http:/ / / topic /newa€”sociala€”movements aquot;New Social Movements, a€ accessed 1 August 2010, http:/ ... Press, 2008), 255a€”291; james Darsey, aquot; Eugene Debs and American Class, a€ Rhetoric and Reform in the Progressive Era, ed. j.

Title:Persuasion and Social Movements
Author:Charles J. Stewart, Craig Allen Smith, Robert E. Denton, Jr.
Publisher:Waveland Press - 2012-06-05


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