Persephone, Descending

Persephone, Descending

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On an Earth made too small by technology, where will an ancient evil hide?Starship Persephone, faded beauty from a more affluent past, is now little more than a colony transport. Paying passengers, indentured colonists, and the ship's crew, are about to find there is more to fear than an unknown future.Commander Jordan Kincaid is second in command of the Persephone. He is a man with a strength and speed made possible by a terrible science. Rachel Cord is beautiful, rich, and bent on revenge. Father Gary Short hopes to bring a message of God to the stars. Tyler Harris, young psychopath, boards the ship against his will. Ryland Cole flees a criminal past.Some will find their hopes and dreams in their new home and some will find riches. Others will live a lifetime of drudgery that is almost slavery. All will find one truth before the trip is through.That the darkness of space is the perfect hiding place for the perfect predator.a€œWhata#39;s the matter Jordan, you pull the door knob off your door again?a€ Kincaid laughed then ... a€œA beautiful woman gets you coffee and then you spend a couple hours with her and you want me to repair that.a€ He looked ... He perused it for a moment and then turned serious. a€œWhy dona#39;t you ... rarely had. Philby pointed at the scar that ran the down from -134-l35-l36-137-l38-l39- Persephone, Descending.

Title:Persephone, Descending
Author:Dan Gray
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-09-01


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