Percid Fishes

Percid Fishes

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The percid fishes (or perch family) comprise many species including the perch, pikeperch, yellow perch, walleye and the darters. These species are of great ecological and economic importance, being important components of the freshwater ecosystem and recreational and commercial fisheries. Percid Fishes covers aspects such as systematics, morphology, biology, ecology, diseases and parasites and the economic importance of percid fisheries. Special emphasis is placed within the book on the complex relationship between this family of fishes and their environment and how they respond to perturbations, especially those induced by humans. The author, John Craig who has a great deal of experience working on these fishes in many of the countries in which they occur, has drawn together an extremely important book which provides a unique, comprehensive and indispensable review of this most significant group of fish.The order Perciformes, the largest group of vertebrates, encompasses 18 suborders of fish, 148 families about 1496 ... Individuals of about 2185 species enter freshwater for at least part of their life cycle (Nelson 1994). ... The first dorsal fin is supported by spines and the second by soft rays. ... The order contains a widely developed assemblage of fishes and may be paraphyletic, consisting of distinct lines which evolved in parallel to a perciform grade of organisation ( Nelson 1994).

Title:Percid Fishes
Author:John F. Craig
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-04-30


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