Peptide Antibiotics

Peptide Antibiotics

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This reference summarizes the latest research on the structure, function, and design of synthetic and natural peptide antibiotics, describing practical applications of these compounds in food preservation and packaging, and in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases by direct anti-bacterial action and as part of the adaptive immune response. Peptide Antibiotics discusses these unique compounds and their many and exciting applications, including: the distribution and classification of diverse antimicrobial peptides throughout nature the role in host defense of mucosal surface peptide antibiotics such as defensins and cathepsins the biosynthesis of lanthionine-containing antibiotics including nisin, epidermin, and mersacidin the genetic basis determining the production of bacterial peptide antibiotics the potential commercial use of magainin, nisin, and lacticin peptides as anti-infective agents the use of nisin as a commercial food preservative With contributions from 19 world-renowned experts in the field, Peptide Antibiotics is an indispensable source of information for pharmaceutical scientists, medicinal and organic chemists and biochemists, microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, molecular biologists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.Discovery Modes Of Action And Applications Christopher Dutton, Mark Haxwell, Hamish McArthur, Richard G. Wax ... constat: aliquos tamen charactere episcopali fuisse insignitos, vix dubitari potest: de quo eruditi fuse disputant. ... et maxime apo, , stolicorum decreta, suisque quietibus et delectationibus in, servientibus facti sunt, idcirco et oliim persaepe , et no, , stro a ... III Vicarius ab episcopo eligitur, et omnem ab eo accipit jurisdictionem: potest episcopus umum eligere, vel plures inanbsp;...

Title:Peptide Antibiotics
Author:Christopher Dutton, Mark Haxwell, Hamish McArthur, Richard G. Wax
Publisher:CRC Press - 1832


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