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Caleb Marcus is a Peacemaker, a roving lawman tasked with maintaining the peace and bringing control to magic users on the frontier. A Peacemaker isna€™t supposed to take a lifea€”but sometimes, ita€™s kill or be killeda€b After a war injury left him half-scoured of his power, Caleb and his jackalope familiar have been shipped out West, keeping them out of sight and out of the way of more useful agents. And while life in the wild isna€™t exactly Caleba€™s cup of tea, he cana€™t deny that being amongst folk who arena€™t as powerful as he is, even in his poor shape, is a bit of a relief. But Hope isna€™t like the other small towns hea€™s visited. The children are being mysteriously robbed of their magical capabilities. Therea€™s something strange and dark about the local land baron who runs the school. Cheyenne tribes are raiding the outlying homesteads with increasing frequency and strange earthquakes keep shaking the very ground Hope stands on. Somethinga€™s gone very wrong in the Wild West, and ita€™s up to Caleb to figure out whata€™s awry before he ends up at the end of the noosea€”or something far worsea€bTherewas nomistakingthe surpriseonthe storekeepera#39;s face, his prominent eyebrows up rising almosttohis hairline. He stood from his stool, revealing that he towered a goodfourinches over Caleb and weighed a good dealless. Good Lord anbsp;...

Author:K. A. Stewart
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-01-21


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