Payback and a Bottle of Merlot (Like Sisters #1)

Payback and a Bottle of Merlot (Like Sisters #1)

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Mia James almost had it alla€b At thirty, she was a successful photographer with the craziest but most loyal friends in the world and a wonderful life in a picturesque village. The only things missing were a husband and a brood of kids. Love happens when you least expect it, her mom always said. An appointment to show her photography portfolio brought her front and center with Jack Barnes, a gorgeous, successful Manhattan businessman. Mia was smitten, and they married less than a year later. Unfortunately, the marital bliss she craved never showed up. Jack, the controlling absentee husband, had a secret: someone else was occupying his mind and bed. Mia had no idea until a chance sighting revealed the real Jack with his mystery woman. Payback was definitely in order and way overdue. With a little help from her friends and a lot of Merlot, Mia was on a mission to take Jack down. With hilarious speed bumps, hiccups, and crazy calamities along the way, Miaa€™s ridiculous plot for payback turned into a chance for unexpected friendships and real love. Payback and a Bottle of Merlot is a free book and is the first romantic comedy novel in this contemporary romance series. Like Sisters is a laugh out loud series of best friends, hot guys and the right amount of steam to have you anxiously waiting for the next book. Note: There are no cliffhangers in this series, but since the characters carry over, the books are best read in sequence. Like Sisters Contemporary Romance Series: PAYBACK AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT (Free) INSECURITY AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT DESTINY AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT INTRIGUE AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT DESIRE AND A BOTTLE OF MERLOT-COMING SOON Like Sisters Categories: Romance Series Free Contemporary Romance Novel Free Romantic Comedy Book Contemporary Romance Series Romance novels Romantic novel Romance Book Series Romantic Comedy Series Womena€™s Fiction Romance Fiction Humorous Romance Free Romantic novel Second Chances Romantic Comedy SeriesWhat a jerk. Now he doesna#39;t even make up some lie when hea#39;s staying in the city. ... Go ona€”get in your kennel. ... Therea#39;d be no more hoping the telephone would ring. ... I guess she tried calling you last night, but it went straight to voicemail.

Title:Payback and a Bottle of Merlot (Like Sisters #1)
Author:Bria Marche
Publisher:Bria Marche - 2014-12-17


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