Paths of Intimate Contention

Paths of Intimate Contention

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What has he done to her? She would never agree to that unless he had done something horrible to her. Degmer just knows that Neaotomo had done something to Laysa while she was away. Then she sees how nicely Neaotomo is treating Laysa and how rudely he is treating her. Could Laysa really be cooperating with Neaotomo as he says? In Paths of Intimate Contention, Degmer's puzzle is only one of the riddles that must be solved by the people of Kosundo. Degmer must choose a side. Will she make the right decision? Her life depends on it, just as every life in Kosundo depends on the decisions that they all must now make.He only hoped that Laysa was as emo- tionally strong as she seemed to be or her fate might end up being worse than ... She nearly stopped before she reached Laysaa#39;s quarters because she thought that she didna#39;t know the unlock code foranbsp;...

Title:Paths of Intimate Contention
Author:Walter E. Mark
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011-02


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