Past and Future Sins

Past and Future Sins

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The angel has always been in the temple. Nathaniel has lived through countless ages, but now the Khmer is coming in force, and there is no resisting them. Nathaniel cowers in a hidden cave as death awaits him at the hands of the Khmer. Laura and Belle Donovan have just arrived in Cairo to view the pyramids in typical tourist fashion. While visiting a shop, Laura stumbles upon a quill pen she is sure her father, Gabriel, will love. But as soon as the pen arrives at Gabriela€™s villa in Buenos Aires, he is shocked. The last time he saw a similar feather was in a laboratory where scientists were laboring to uncover the secret of the angelsa€™ longevity. Perplexed, Gabriel sends the feather to a lab for testsa€”which reveal that the feather has been recently plucked. Somewhere out in the world is another one of Gabriela€™s people. Without knowing whether the angel is alive or dead, Gabriel embarks on a global journey to find hima€”and the sooner the better. In frantic search to find the last surviving angel, Gabriel must not only rescue his wife and daughter from peril, but also himself as he strives for a long-awaited reunion with one of his own.Gabriel quickly accessed the e-mail, and ran his eye up and down the inbox, and then the sent items folder, till an e-mail address ... He could go through them at his leisure once he got access to another computer. ... He had to get there to meet it, but getting out of Arab countries was a difficult as getting in, in the first place.

Title:Past and Future Sins
Author:Ernest Oglesby
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-16


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