Password: Death

Password: Death

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Meet Robert Ashton, a Southern gentleman who can get inside of a womana€™s head, and has a taste for blood. He has been killing lonely women with impunity and sees no reason to stop. One night, while using her new computer for the first time on the World Wide Web, Laura Howard, a Doctor of Psychology and a researcher in the paranormal powers of the mind, a€œseesa€ a woman get murdered while using the computer. She has nowhere to turn to and no one who will believe what she saw except her friend Sydney Chase. Together they decide to go to the police and find out that a woman had been murdered exactly as Laura had described. She soon finds out that there is a serial murderer on the loose and no one can get a handle on him. The cases are too far apart and the women too different to get a good profile on this killer. Laura offers her help to solve this baffling case. Laura and Sydney find themselves teamed up with Bill Rowland, a cop who has his own set of rules and a beautiful FBI agent, Amanda Hawks. Laura finds the team she is on is both less and more than is first expected. The team is viewed as an embarrassment by the suits in charge of the case. Lauraa€™s ability to qseeq the crime makes her value in helping solve the case suspect to those in charge. After all, there is nothing to her research in ESP that could lend credence to her visions. Bill is also pigeonholed on the team because he is not a team player. While Sydney is just a computer geek who can help the police get the real professionals on line and after this serial killer. Their team leader, Amanda Hawks, is too beautiful to be taken seriously by her superiors, old style cops who think this beautiful woman is more body than brains. Pushed aside, and held to the outer edge of the investigation, the team soon learns how slippery their target is, even with Lauraa€™s ability to sense his presence. Billa€™s own skepticism in Lauraa€™s abilities suffers a number of blows when Laura seems to know things without being told. Things about the case, and things Bill holds closely inside. He finds himself falling in love with this woman, so different from any he has ever known, and for the first time in his life thinks he might just have found the woman for him. But Robert knows the team is after him. He decides they are getting too close to figuring out who he is and decides to go after them. Amanda is taken out of the picture and Laura falls under his control. Now ita€™s no longer just another case for Bill, ita€™s personal. Death is coming and it wears many faces. Ita€™s down to Bill, Laura and Robert. One will live, one will die and one will never be the same. Ita€™s time to sign on line and find out. Today the password is death.a€œIa#39;ll change my clothes and meet you outside. a€œWhy do you have to ... He ran a comb quickly through his hair, and dampened his face. As he was drying his face and hands, one of the other cops came into the washroom. a€œHey Rowland, hearanbsp;...

Title:Password: Death
Author:Cindy Ziperman and Robin Zeller
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2000-08-04


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