Pass With Distinction Mathematics Book 4 by Paper

Pass With Distinction Mathematics Book 4 by Paper

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PREFACE This book is specially written for students preparing for the GCE O Level Examination in Mathematics Syllabus (4016). It consists of 10 revision exercises, each comprising Paper 1 and Paper 2, based on the LATEST syllabus. The format and weightage of the questions follow those of the specimen examination papers issued by the Examination Board closely. Investigative and problem-solving questions are included. New Examination Format Paper 1 consists of about 21 to 26 compulsory short questions worth a total of 80 marks. The duration of the paper is 2 hours. Paper 2 consists of 10 to 11 questions of varying marks and lengths testing more on higher order thinking skills. Candidates must answer ALL questions. Calculators may be used in both papers. The weightage for both papers, however, will be equal, each accounting for 50% of the examination. It is hoped that this book will help students to gain confidence and be fully equipped for their forthcoming examinations.In the diagram, which is not drawn to scale, the chords AB and PQ intersect at the point X. Given thatAX: 4 cm, BX: 6 cm, QX: 9 cm and QX agt; PX. ... [1] C The diagram shows the speed-time graph of a sprinter competing in a 100-metre race .

Title:Pass With Distinction Mathematics Book 4 by Paper
Author:Teh Keng Seng, Krishnamachari Amirtham
Publisher:Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd - 2010-01-01


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