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The second edition of PASRO - Pascal for Robots includes some new aspects of the PASRO development within the last two years. Besides the PASRO implementation on other computers with the help of different Pascal compilers and operating systems, one significant new development has been the implementation of the PASRO concept in the programming language C. Therefore the second edition is divided into two major parts: A. The revised and little extended qoldq PASRO description of the first edition based on Pascal. B. The new PASRO/C description based on C. Of course we know that the name qPASRO/CAm is a contradiction in terms, but we chose it, in order to use the well known name PASRO in future. The additional author John Favaro is respon sible for the PASRO/C implementation and the des~ription while Christian Blume designed the PASRO concept and implemented the original PASRO, together with Wilfried Jakob. Additional thanks are dedicated to Jan Schloen and Thomas Eppting, who helped us to implement PASRO/C. We would also like to thank all readers of the first edition, who sent us their comments and corrections. Amongst these, spe cial thanks to G. Macartney from the Queen's University of Bel fast.... 124 loop , 129, in finite , while, 136 152 16, 19 to 122 to 123, 1 52 150 manual programming, 8 master-slav e-method, ... multidimensional, 26 rotation, 132 micro processor, 124 MICROROBOT, 53 to 54, 57, 72, 83, 85, 88 Mitsubishi Robot, anbsp;...

Author:Christian Blume, Wifried Jakob, John Favaro
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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