Parallel Computer Routing and Communication

Parallel Computer Routing and Communication

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This workshop was a continuation of the PCRCW a€™94 workshop that focused on issues in parallel communication and routing in support of parallel processing. The workshop series provides a forum for researchers and designers to exchange ideas with respect to challenges and issues in supporting communication for high-performance parallel computing. Within the last few years we have seen the scope of interconnection network technology expand beyond traditional multiprocessor systems to include high-availability clusters and the emerging class of system area networks. New application domains are creating new requirements for interconnection network services, e.g., real-time video, on-line data mining, etc. The emergence of quality-of-service guarantees within these domains challenges existing approaches to interconnection network design. In the recent past we have seen the emphasis on low-latency software layers, the application of multicomputer interconnection technology to distributed shared-memory multiprocessors and LAN interconnects, and the shift toward the use of commodity clusters and standard components. There is a continuing evolution toward powerful and inexpensive network interfaces, and low-cost, high-speed routers and switches from commercial vendors. The goal is to address the above issues in the context of networks of workstations, multicomputers, distributed shared-memory multiprocessors, and traditional tightly-coupled multiprocessor interconnects. The PCRCW a€™97 workshop presented 20 regular papers and two short papers covering a range of topics dealing with modern interconnection networks. It was hosted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society.Networks of workstations are becoming increasingly popular as a costeffective alternative to parallel computers. Typically, these networks connect processors using irregular topologies, providing the wiring flexibility, scalability and incremental expansion capability ... The research effort made on these machines led to improved routing mechanisms and better switching techniques, like wormhole [5, 15].

Title:Parallel Computer Routing and Communication
Author:Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Jose Duato
Publisher:Springer - 2003-06-26


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