Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse

Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse

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Los Angeles, February 2009 - When Alejandro Estrada returned home from a short hiatus, he discovered he had been locked out by strangers. His partner, well-known porn director Michael Goss, was dead and Alejandro knew something was horribly wrong. He went to the Los Angeles Sheriffs for help, but instead, they publically humiliated him. When the Santa Monica based attorney, Jan Morrison, filed for Probate on behalf of her client, Thomas Proechel, Alejandro Estrada submitted a formal allegation against him for the Murder of Michael Goss; the authorities completely ignored his plight. Eight months after Michael Goss was murdered, music artist Lady Gaga released the song 'Alejandro.' In her song she repeats the phrase qDon't Call my name, Alejandroq the name was Michael Goss because Lady Gaga allegedly knew the individual responsible for the murder of Michael Goss. That individual is a member of the Royal Arch degree of Freemasonry. His Masonic brother Steve Cooley is the District Attorney for Los Angeles and when Alejandro Estrada confronted Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley alleging R. William Rheinschild for the murder of Michael Goss, the response from the DA's office informed him that Michael Goss's estate, which was valued at approximately $10 Million, qdid not meet the preliminary requirement of the Major Fraud division to consider investigatingq; the requirement was a total property loss of at least $300, 000.00. As an insult, Steve Cooley redirected Alejandro Estrada back to the local authorities. Nearly four years later, Probate for Michael Goss is pending indefinitely. At least three attempts to murder Alejandro have failed. Santa Monica attorney Jan Morrison might have been murdered by FBI wanted criminal Jason Derek Brown-who is known for impersonating women-and Alejandro Estrada has reason to believe R. William Rheinschild could be wanted by the FBI by the alias Justin Toth. To save himself from further public harassment by local and federal authorities, Alejandro Estrada stopped asking the authorities for help and instead he wrote the book qPandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse: The Abomination of Justice- A Memoirq which explores the events surrounding Michael Goss's mysterious death, his homicide investigation, and the time Alejandro spent with Michael while he was still alive. When Alejandro discovered the fact the person responsible was a Freemason, he knew that the only chance for recourse would be if a higher power stepped in and avenged him for these injustices. Thus, in an effort to mock the Order of Freemasonry, he has claimed that he is their god incarnate. However, what Alejandro was not aware of, is how he has fulfilled nearly ever Antichrist Prophecy. According to Alejandro, he wrote qPandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curseq in three days and his explanation is that Divine Inspiration helped him write it. The reality is, when Alejandro says qshake, q Mother Earth responds qhow hardq because according to time documented evidence, Alejandro may have been the catalyst for at least three devastating earthquakes, and a wild fire that burned all the way to the Mexican Border and proving it, is the least of his priorities because he knows it and G-D knows, Mother Earth sure as hell, knows it and it does not matter what anyone else thinks. Reading his words one can hear the voice of G-D speaking through them.n. a... cumaquot; mm, + mm as: noun um manual IIIIa#39;IIII [Knuth-MINI: a#39;a#39;0 I: II no: t O lCI- ulbla#39;l alla€œ!!! lSIMLHlI a€œI Uaquot; n a m, mma€œ a#39;m v? a#39;aquot;WNaquot; mum-um 9Ad a#39;Mm lull-LID gamma an. m! canon-Irma Q? magnum a-LmcL-huvoww Mir-wann- a a#39;.0 HONJNUN ACCE u ana€œ PLC ... vwa€”i In [PI-GI r lanai-immunity: nun-n11a€œ! lulu-u nuna#39; pl- a#39; pvpn-Ill-Ll-umllrhli ILl-lllhllflhla#39;ia€œ 018 a€œIa#39;ll FOIHa#39;IAII PLEASE EIMIWE THIS STATEMENT Ina#39;!

Title:Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse
Author:Alejandro Estrada
Publisher:Alejandro Estrada - 2012-10-05


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