Pandora 2011

Pandora 2011

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The Crescent Beach Mall of South Carolina was your basic modern shopping centera€”boutiques, eateries, movie theaters, and a packed parking lota€”until the very fabric of reality unraveled. Now the mall is a supernatural oddity known worldwide as a€œPandoraa€™s Box.a€ People travel from miles around to have their chance inside: some emerge with amazing stories, some leave the mall insane, and many are simply never seen again. Sebastian makes a bundle offering tours into the bowels of Pandora. To assuage his conscience, he gives visitors fair warning: if they have personal demons, they should not go inside. Problem is, the Box, as the locals call it, is most seductive to the worst kind of customersa€”haunted, twisted and desperate misfitsa€”people who should never be allowed to visit a world that reflects their warped souls. The locals of Crescent Beach realize the magical effects are spreading beyond the confines of the haunted shopping complex. Childrena€™s toys become weapons, pets mutate into monsters, and the flow of time itself is corrupted. Sebastian is no longer the only one in over his balding head. Sheriff Valerie Dunn is there to back up the morally bankrupt tour guide, but can they withstand the powera€”and temptationa€”of Pandoraa€™s Box? Time to hit the mall; check your psychological baggage at the door.Accounts of the Cursed Shopping Center Ivan Borodin. Larry shoved the broken shades in his jacket pocket. a€œYour moneya#39;s no good here, kid. Ready to go back in?a€ MM On screen, Clayton sat in the back seat of a 2003 silver Nissan Frontier.

Title:Pandora 2011
Author:Ivan Borodin
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2011-09-15


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