Overview of the Persian Gulf War, 1990

Overview of the Persian Gulf War, 1990

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In the early hours of August 2, 1990, one hundred thousand mechanized troops of Saddam Husseina€™s Iraqi army roared and rumbled across the border into Kuwait. By noon of August 4, the tiny, oil-rich nation belonged to the Iraqi invaders. When informed of Iraqa€™s unprovoked aggression, U.S. President George H. W. Bush said, a€œThis will not stand.a€ In defense of Saudi Arabia and stability in the Middle East, he drew a line in the sand. Operating under the umbrella of the United Nations, President Bush assembled a multinational coalition and prepared for war. Over the next five months, Saddam refused to accept UN diplomatic efforts for Iraqa€™s complete withdrawal from Kuwait. He ignored a UN ultimatum to withdraw by January 15, 1991. On January 17, at approximately 3:00 a.m., Iraqis reaped the lethal consequences of their leadera€™s aggression and defiance. A huge coalition air armada struck Baghdad and ushered in a new era of high-tech warfare.F-4G (Wild Weasel)a€”A specially equipped jet fighter aircraft used to detect and destroy enemy radar and missile ... radar. F-16A/C (Fighting Falcon)a€”A single- engine, single-seat jet fighter known for its high maneuverability. ... FM 100-5: Operationsa€”U.S. Army field manual used to plan air/land operations for Desert Storm.

Title:Overview of the Persian Gulf War, 1990
Author:Earle Rice Jr.
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2009-03-01


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