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Upon assuming duties as the Chief-of-Staff of the United States Army, General Martin Dempsey announced a priority focus on the infantry squad. Anticipating uncertainty in the future operational environment, and an enhanced role of the squad based on an increasing battlespace, Dempsey established a requirement to ensure that the rifle squad would be enabled with what he termed a€œovermatch.a€ While previous attempts by the Army to reform the composition of the squad have focused on adjusting manning or fielding new weapons systems, overmatch was not achieved. A more effective method to enable a squad with overmatch is to increase squad capability, focusing specifically on developing the human dimension. Case studies of squads operating in both combined arms maneuver and wide area security operations illustrate the impact of the human dimension on small units, and the potential to achieve overmatch at the squad level. The success demonstrated by squads in the contemporary operating environment, which provides insight into future expectations of the rifle squad, indicates the potential operational or even strategic contributions that can be expected from a small infantry unit when enabled with overmatch.ENABLING THE INFANTRY RIFLE SQUAD AS THE FOUNDATION OF THE DECISIVE FORCE Philip J. Mundweil ... Witsken, Jeffrey R. a€œNetwork-Centric Warfare: Implications for Operational Design, a€ SAMS Monograph, United States Army Command and General Staff ... Defense Technical Information Center. http:/ /www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a074296.pdf (accessed on November 14, 2012) U.S. Department of the Army. ... Field Manual (FM) 3-21.8, The Infantry Rifle Platoon andanbsp;...

Author:Philip J. Mundweil
Publisher:Maroon Ebooks - 2015-02-15


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